Handymen: How to acquire new customers?

27th November, 2015 0 Handyman
  It is difficult to acquire new customers. Handymen have to go to job sites, do estimates, follow up on customers, and still lose the job and the customer. The good ones know they have to add value first before they earn the business. They add value through unsolicited advice and ideas to potential… Read more

Handymen: Expand your customer…

17th October, 2015 0 Rental Benefits
Many Do-it-Yourselfers want to rent equipment from equipment rental companies, but they are reluctant because they don't know how to use them or don't have trucks to transport them.   As a Handyman, you can post your unused Equipment and Tools for rent on with the transportation… Read more

The Power of Idle

15th October, 2015 0 Domestic Rental
If you're a contractor or handyman there's no reason for your equipment to sit idle during your down time. How many days are you using your leaf blower? Maybe 10, 15 days annually? An hour in use here and there? Meanwhile instead if it collecting dust in the garage or shed, putting it to work earns… Read more

Helping DIYers

10th October, 2015 0 Rental Benefits
  Contractors can expand their reach, help DIYers do a better job, and earn passive income all at the same time.    Let's think of a contractor who has 50 pieces of equipment. He has a Gig to keep him busy this week, for which he will use only 20 out of the 50. He can rent some of the… Read more