How to add value to potential…

14th February, 2016 0 Equipment Rental
  Small shops for refurbishing and repairing used equipment and tools are having difficulty competing with the big box chains. They can market their equipment and tools by offering them for rental first. They can rent out the used equipment via for a short period for multiple… Read more

How to keep your job while earning…

13th February, 2016 0 Rental Passive Income
I have a good job that pays the bills and puts food on the table. However, I wanted to have supplemental income to make upgrades in my house but cannot work a second job. I thought of all the items I have at home. I have a lot of garden equipment that I use at best once a week, sometimes even once a… Read more

How to make passive income out…

12th December, 2015 0 Handyman
    If you are a handyman and have Equipment that you don't use anymore because you upgraded to the latest and greatest but they still work, you can make passive income renting them out, and expand your customer base at the same time.   If you have an old table saw you don't use because… Read more

Can Home Improvement be Green?

29th November, 2015 0 Green Home Improvement
We all want to live in a better society, where we do more with less waste. We want to renovate our houses with lower cost and less waste. We want to get the tools and equipment just for the home project duration. We feel guilty when we buy the tools to only use them for a few days and then let them… Read more