How Signing Up New Users Works?

2nd June, 2016

MyEquipment4Rent brings community members together. Contractors, carpenters, handymen or anyone who has tools and equipment and would like to make a supplemental income, can rent these items to people that need them for hours or days. is looking for motivated individuals (“You” thereafter) to sign up users in their local communities.

Compensation: $10 for each new user you sign up

How it works:

  1. You contact potential users in your community and talk to them about and convince them to sign up and list at least one item for rent.
  2. If the potential user agrees to the idea, You can sign them up using their email on the spot. You can also help them list their tools & Equipment for rent or sale.
  3. You should contact @ ( to inform us of the new user you signed up so we flag that user under your name for payment. After 1 week of user sign up and active listing of at least 1 tool or Equipment, you will get a payment of $10 for signing that user. You have to provide the following:
    1. User First Name & Last Name
    2. User Email
    3. Sign Up date
    4. The Tool or Equipment the user listed
    5. Your name 


  • If You sign up 10 users and each user lists at least 1 item actively for 1 week, you will get $100 after a week.
  • If You Sign Up 1000 active users and each user lists at least 1 tool or equipment for 1 week, you will get $10,000.
  • You can sign up yourself and will still count as a new user.

Tools for the job:

Terms & Conditions:

  • Signed up Users have to list at least 1 piece of equipment and keep them active on the website for at least 1 week to be eligible for compensation.
  • The tool/Equipment listing should have at least one image of the actual item. We will not accept users that copy images and information of the Internet.
  • The tool/Equipment should be something serious for rent. We reserve the right to reject a user that listed something  trivial like hammer, screwdriver, etc...; We prefer Equipment like power drills, pressure washer, compressors, mowers, or anything that is in demand in the community.
  • Limited to only 1 user per household.
  • You have to call into or send an email to ( to report the user(s) you signed up to be counted for you.

Frequintly Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • How can I get paid?
    • You can get paid by check or direct deposit (you have to provide bank/account information for direct deposit option)
  • How Often I will get paid?
    • You will be paid once weekly (every Friday) for all active listings that passed one week.
  • How can I start?
    • Go ahead and start signing up users. You can start talking with your freinds and family to sign them up, then exapnd to your neighbors, co workeers, and others. You can even do door to door marketing and sign up.
  • Can you reject a user sign up?
    • Yes, if we find that the user is not serious. We can decide that if the user listed a trivial item (like a Hammer or Screwdriver) or copied image and/or description from another internet site.

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