Show value to your customers and stand out from the competition

15th February, 2016

Carpenter helping customer

When offering home improvement services to your customers, you are in direct competition with everyone else in the business as well as the customer that can do the project themselves. If you help a DIY'er start a small projects themselves, they will appreciate it and remember you when they need other work done.

If you are a handyman or carpenter that has commercial-grade equipment you no longer use or don't need for your current project, you can rent them out via to potential customers. Transport the tools or equipment to their home (for a fee of course), show them how to use it and even help them for an hour or 2 (again for a fee). You will stand out from the competition and become their carpenter of choice" for future projects.

By adding these small extra services, you build a relationship from the start and add value to your services.

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