Save on renting nearby Equipment

14th May, 2015

I have a decent house in a nice suburb and neoighborhood. I have 3 car garage and a beautiful backyard. I need to maintain my yard and bushes, but don't have the necessary equipment. If I purchase the equipment, I will have to maintain it and store it somewhere on my property. I don't want to do that since I don't have the space and I don't want to build a shed in my beautiful yards. 

My best option was to either contract someone to do it, or do it myself by renting the equiepment. Contracting someone to do it will be expensive and they won't do it the way I want it done and won't keep the schedule. Renting from one of the big companies will be expensive and I have to transport it to and from my house. I don;t have a truck.

I checked MyEquipment4Rent and found one of my neighbors listed his mower and other items for rental for a very good price; half what the big companies asked for. I contacted him and we agreed that I rent his equipment one day every week to maintain my yard. I pay him half the rental from the big companies, and a fraction of the contractor service fees. I do my yard myself the way I want it on my own schedule. And most important, my neighbor and I have become good friends. He is also happy with the extra money he gets weekly while doing nothing. I walk to his house take the equipment back to my house to do the work and drop off his house at the end of the day.

We are both happy. I love the site and will use it for more rentals.

  • 268 week ago

    Tim Smith

    I agree with your point. I tried the site and it helped me save big time last season on the yard work. I didn't have to buy any equipment, store them, or hire someone to do the work. I did it all by myself. Thanks.

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