DIY'ers: Try Do-It-Together (DIT)

1st March, 2016 431 Tools
  How many times have you wanted to do a simple home improvement project but didn't have the right tools or equipment, or the skills? Once, I wanted to install light at the end of my driveway. I had to dig a trench alongside the driveway from the garage, lay down pipes and wires, and install the… Read more

8 Tools You Should Rent Not Buy

13th September, 2015 0 Tools
  It can be nice to own the latest gear, and add to your growing collection of useful DIY tools, but it doesn't always make sense. Some tools make up the core foundations of home improvement work, and you wouldn't want to live without them. We are not going to tell you to rent a handsaw and hammer.… Read more

The Do It Yourself Market Has…

31st August, 2015 0 Tools
Rita Carmona Do it yourself, otherwise called DIY, is the technique for building, altering, or repairing something without the guide of specialists or experts. Do it yourself (DIY) is a popular consumer behavior, however little is thought about this expansive customer segment. There are success stories… Read more

Save on renting nearby Equipment

14th May, 2015 230 Tools
I have a decent house in a nice suburb and neoighborhood. I have 3 car garage and a beautiful backyard. I need to maintain my yard and bushes, but don't have the necessary equipment. If I purchase the equipment, I will have to maintain it and store it somewhere on my property. I don't want to do that… Read more